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It's not what you know, it's who you know and I bet you will know a lot of famous faces at this site, but would you also recognise their Famous Dick? This is a celeb site with clips from TV and films, from online and elsewhere and it's all about celebs. The site gives you a good range of categories from actors to sportsmen and it makes it very easy for you to find who you are looking for, most of the time.

Okay, so when I get to look into a celeb site, especially one that offers nude clips, there are a few names I always type in first: Ryan Philip, Brad Pitt, and now of course, twink dive star Tom Daly. I'm pleased to tell you all my favourites were in here (and there are many more of them than just those three.) One of the downfalls of sites like this is often that they only have the same old stuff as we've already seen on other sites like these... But here I found some new clips of guys I'd not seen before. Some were only topless shots and some were pretty old, but there is new content here and there will be some things you've not seen before.

There were also some guys I'd never heard of but you might recognise them from TV shows or movies I've not seen. Actually, you have your content arranged in various ways, if you want to. There's a nice top slider that lists all kinds of categories from underwear, actors, athletes and ass shots to guys' sex scenes, musicians and models, with other cats in there too. If you stay on the home page as you enter and start from there, you well get everything in date order.

The dates aren't shown there, but I did see some upload dates on older content, however it's not possible to say how often something new is added; you will just have to stick with it and wait and see, but checking back to a review done about one year ago, I saw there were 1,826 videos then and now there are 1,888, which works out roughly at one per week. These are only clips mind you, and some are short, but it's great fun clicking around the pages and seeing who's here and what's here - the Spanish/Greek underwear model is a short clip to save and savour.

And you can do that too as there are streams in Flash, some Mp4 downloads at 640 x 480 and some WMV too; there's nothing HD here, but generally the quality is fine. You've got a good advanced search options to use for filtering and finding and you can add things to a favourites area. It would have been good to have had a more comprehensive list of names as you can't always think whose dick you want to catch a flash off, until you stumble upon it, and names in a list would remind you.

Still, I loved it and Famous Dick is going to be in my list of favourites for a while as I've not had half a chance to view half the content yet, 1,888 + movie clips is a lot to get through so you might want to consider one of the longer-term memberships.

Bottom Line:
If it's been caught on cam it will be in here, famous guys' dicks I mean. But also if they've gone topless or flashed their ass, posed or even if they are just really cute, the site will find the right clip and add it. Not sure about updates, quality varies and there's not a lot of info, but the site's good for all us crazed fans who like to hunt out famous cocks and put them into our collection.

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High Definition No
DRM Free Porn Yes
Downloadable Yes
Content Format Video clips
Live Shows No
Bonus Content No
Multiple Site Hub No
Content Updated Irregular
Mobile compatible Yes
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