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The M2M Club is a simple affair: it's all about giving you regular guys who like to fuck and have fun, shown in videos that are amateur and put together by the guys themselves. There are no galleries, no frills, though there is a blog, model index and a bonus site. The sign up price is set at just the right amount for such a site, there are updates happening and you have a choice for viewing quality.

When I called in there were 139 videos and these are all exclusive to the Club. They are set out from the home page with six samples per page and numbered index pages, so they are easy to get to. You click a sample pic and get to the viewing page and from here you have a choice for your streaming, from Lo to Hi quality at around 640 x 360 in size. I also had downloads n WMV at 1,100 kbps @ 640 x 360. Videos ran for around 20 minutes and were clearly amateur. I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean there was nothing 'studio' about them, they were all simply real guys having real sex and being filmed in a natural way.

Actually, there are some very 'regular' guys in here and you must not expect any porn star looks or builds, no twinks shining from soap, no muscle men glistening from sweat and showing off hard pecs. It's more a case of Old Joe form the pub, or Fat Matty, or Brian Bear, or Skinny Simon, these are genuinely regular guys who want to have sex and get on camera. There are many indoor shoots, and you get the feeling that the local swingers' association gave the group a room for a party and someone left the camera running. Amateur porn at its best.

You can check out the guys through the model index so you can easily find your favourite type of guy: bear, chub, younger, silver daddy and so on, from the face pics that you get to see. You don't get a lot of info, if any, about each guy but you do get to see a list of the videos he's appeared in. So, in that sense, you can use the model index as another way of finding your content. Checking out the upload dates as best I could I noticed that although older movie don't have any dates with their brief description, the more recent ones do and it looks, at the moment, as if he site is adding a new scene around once per week.

This is a very simple site in that there is not a lot of information, no rates or comments, no favourites area or anything very interactive. But you will find a link over to the site's blog and it is here that you find more update news than is posted on the site itself. There are also links to other blogs by some of the guys and archives dating back to 2008. Your bonus site is the Universal Daddy and there is also 'Gay Truck' promised as coming soon.

Bottom Line:
The M2M Club is definitely a site for everyone who likes their amateurs really amateur; I mean, real home shot footage but good quality, not porn actors, not studio shoots, and who like only genuine guys. There is something almost voyeuristic about watching these movies, as if you've found the footage from a private club, a sex club where young and old, slim and chubby come to cum together. And that, in a nutshell, is exactly what the site is.
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